Everyday Moments of Grace | PeaceHealth

At PeaceHealth, we’re shining a grateful spotlight on those meaningful gestures, kind words, generous smiles and gracious spirits that can transform a day – those everyday moments of grace. Read on to experience a few #everydaymoments and click to share yours.

Life-saving rescue during Virgin Island vacation

Nurse steps in to help with in-flight medical emergency

Follow-up call and quick action buys time for family farewells

A caregiver’s quick action saves a beloved teacher’s life long enough for her family to spend precious final days with her

Parting words offer reassurance to widow

Hospice patient expresses implicit trust and grace in final moments

Caregivers honor life and family in deep crushing grief

Warm acts of caring aim to ease parents’ pain
Oscar Lorenzo

Yum…hospital food and hospitality draw more than patients

Long-time cook makes foodie friends feel warm welcome

Conversations convey caring

Small talk reveals a big heart for others

Cartoons and popsicles in the ED

Nurses entertain toddlers during mom’s visit with the doctor

Growing a new crop of healthcare professionals

Undergrad students dig into rural healthcare

Stranger feels lucky—even in miserable circumstances

Young hospital volunteer stops to offer kindness and comfort

Stepping up to the plate to hit a homerun for others

Despite tight timeline, caregiver helps knock a big project out of the park