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Physician coordinates medical support for worldwide sporting event

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Runners from various countries during a race in Oregon22

Dr. Hans Notenboom's calm expertise aids 10-day international championship.

Millions of eyes fixed on Eugene, Oregon, in the summer of 2022. 

As the host of the World Athletics Championships Oregon22, Eugene welcomed more than 1,700 athletes and 150,000 spectators from around the world. 

With so many guests across seven competition sites for 10 days, their health and well-being could not be left to chance. 

Hans Notenboom, MD

Seeing the need, Hans Notenboom, MD, an emergency medicine doctor at PeaceHealth, stepped up to coordinate medical coverage for all those athletes and others heavily involved in international track and field. 

Dr. Notenboom facilitated partnerships with the state of Oregon, city of Eugene, the University of Oregon and other involved parties with unwavering professionalism, giving his time, resources and talents to making the event a success. 

According to sponsors, it couldn't have been done without him and the more than 180 PeaceHealth caregivers who volunteered their expertise for the event. 

“He was a rock even in the darkest of times when deadlines were looming, and the operational changes weren't lining up,” said one of the organizers. “He was the go-to resource for the entire planning event. When there was a COVID-19 outbreak, he was calm and steady, laying out a plan in concert with Lane County Public Health that prevented the outbreak from being widespread.”