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For Employees

Applications and information of general use to our staff.

PeaceHealth uses Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for access. When you log in to a PeaceHealth resource, your password is the first authentication. MFA requires one or more additional methods of authentication which may include receiving a verification code via text message or email, or a notification from a mobile app.

For questions about MFA setup or access to other systems, please call the Service Desk at 800-452-1425.
For questions about human resources or benefits, please call the HR Service Center at 855-333-6947 Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time.

Web Mail

Yellow envelope illustration with a number 1 in the upper left hand corner

Access your PeaceHealth email.

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My Time

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Log your time.

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Personalized pay, time off, benefit and Human Resources information.

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My Learning

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Online learning, classroom registration and your own transcript. Download instructions.

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Self-Service Access Portal

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Recover your user name, reset your password, or unlock your account

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More Resources for Caregivers

Benefit Enrollment

My Benefits/My Benefit Enrollment

Detailed information on all of the benefits that PeaceHealth offers, including coverage details, eligibility and a link to the online enrollment system.


Transparency in Coverage

The Transparency in Coverage Rules require employers with a self-funded medical plan(s) to post a link to the UHC Machine-Readable Files (MRFs) effective July 1, 2022 on a public website. The MRFs will include detailed pricing data (in-network negotiated payment rates and historical out-of-network allowed amounts) for all covered items and services via Machine-Readable Files.

Access the MRF files

Crossroads Online

Our caregiver intranet and digital workplace.

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Welcome, New Caregivers

Information and resources to common questions you may have as you begin your journey with us at PeaceHealth.

Caregiver Opportunities

Review and apply for jobs in the career section. Download instructions.

The Caregiver

News and information for caregivers. Select community from the dropdown menu to see news just for you.

Online Prescription Orders

Fill, refill, and transfer prescriptions online.

Application Portal

The Citrix Application Gateway or "CAG".

Technology for Caregivers

Microsoft 365 OneDrive and Azure information protection.

Library for Medical Professionals

Access to clinical information resources – research databases, journals, and textbooks.

Self-Service Access Portal

Using the Portal

Step-by-step instructions for using the portal to recover your user name, reset your password, or unlock your account.