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Welcome, New Caregivers

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We are excited about your arrival!

In preparation of your start of employment with PeaceHealth, we want to share some helpful information with you.

What is a caregiver? Every employee is a valued member at PeaceHealth; therefore, we refer to all our employees as "caregivers.”

What to expect on your first day.

All new caregivers and providers attend a virtual New Caregiver Welcome (NCW) session. Please refer to your "PeaceHealth Orientation Schedule" email to confirm where you are expected to be your first day. Below are a few things you may expect to do your first day.

New Caregiver Welcome (NCW)

NCW includes information about PeaceHealth's mission, vision, values, history, and heritage. You'll receive information about benefits, online learning, payroll and much more.

Online Learning

Some of your time will be spent using a computer to complete online learnings. What is assigned may vary by role and could take two or more hours to complete.

Hand Hygiene

Your role may require you to perform a Hand Hygiene skills demonstration. Each caregiver should follow World Health Organization’s model of Hand Hygiene. This brochure explains Why, How & When. 

What to bring on your first day.

  • Sack-lunch, snacks, and/or beverage with a lid.
  • Appropriate attire for orientation (i.e., scrubs or business casual, and a mask).
  • Earbuds or headphones (with a standard AUX/headphone jack or USB) for use during virtual Welcome and trainings.
  • Your bank’s routing number and your account number to enroll in direct deposit.
  • Depending on your location, you may be required to provide your vehicle license plate number for parking registration.

What to expect after your first day.

After your first orientation workday with PeaceHealth, you may either start your unit or department-specific orientation or you may continue with role-specific orientation/s before going to your unit. 

Caregivers who will work Directly with Patients

Caregivers who will work in one of PeaceHealth’s hospitals or clinics, or will provide services in the home or community, may be required to participate in one or both of the following:

  • Patient Services Orientation (PSO)
  • Role-specific Orientation (RSO)

These orientations are role specific and intended to focus on important quality and safety topics. 

Caregivers who will use PeaceHealth’s electronic health record, CareConnect, will also receive a separate communication about CareConnect training.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my first paycheck?

First paychecks are placed in the mail by Friday of pay week.

What is the pay schedule?

We are paid every other week, here is a link to the current payroll calendar.

When do my PeaceHealth Health & Welfare Benefits begin?

For caregivers eligible and enrolled in PeaceHealth Health & Welfare Benefits, their selected health benefits begin the first day of the month following 30 calendar days of employment. All caregivers are eligible for Wellness and Retirement Benefits upon start.

What is my deadline to enroll in health benefits?

Caregivers eligible for Health & Welfare benefits must either enroll or decline within 30-days from their start date. If eligible, you will receive an email to your PeaceHealth Inbox prompting you to select your benefits, the deadline date will be provided as well.

What is PTO?

The Paid Time Off (PTO) program offers caregivers flexibility in planning time away from work for vacation, holidays, illness, emergencies, or personal business. Caregivers eligible to earn PTO do not have a wait time to use PTO, once it is accrued in your Time and Attendance account it is available for use. PTO is accrued for each regular hour worked and the annual accrual rate is based on employment status and years of service. 

What holidays are observed by PeaceHealth?

New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

What is Hand Hygiene Validation?

This is an opportunity to learn and practice the World Health Organizations’ recommendation for proper hand hygiene, which consists of proper procedure using a) hand sanitizer and b) soap and water. Expect to learn and demonstrate both processes, the latter at a sink with running water. Get a head start, visit W.H.O. to learn more! 

Do you know someone you’d love to have join you at PeaceHealth?

We welcome and encourage you to refer your colleagues to any available positions. Once the referred candidate is hired into an eligible position, you may be eligible to receive a minimum $500 referral bonus. To learn more about referral bonus policy, eligibility and further information, visit the referral program page after you’ve started your employment with PeaceHealth.

If you would like to refer someone before you start working with us, please ask the person you are referring to list you as the person who referred them when they complete their application.

Need Help?

If you have specific questions about:

  • Orientation schedule:
    1. Refer to emails (and their attachments) received from Recruitment Coordinator. 
    2. If you still have questions, contact your Recruitment Coordinator.
  • Work schedule: Contact your manager.
The health and safety of our community, patients and caregivers is our top priority. At PeaceHealth, we want to ensure our caregivers and communities are well informed about novel coronavirus (COVID-19). For up-to-date information as it becomes available, please follow this link: