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Nurse takes quick action after fatal crash

April 26, 2023 | Everyday Moments

Large collision on freeway with many vehicles backed up

A caregiver’s compassion helps the injured and shows respect for the victim.

As a hospice nurse with PeaceHealth’s Home Care in Eugene, Oregon, Leise Rolfe isn’t usually a first responder. But on her way to work one day she found herself doing just that after a multivehicle accident. 

Leise pulled her car over and got out to help. She ran from car to car and did everything she could to help those injured in the accident until first responders got there. 

Sadly, someone died in the accident. People were trying to take pictures and videos of the dead person. Leise asked them to stop. She then found something to cover and protect the victim and keep their dignity. 

“Leise didn’t hesitate to help those in our community who needed it most and has been a blessing for so many,” said her co-worker.

“She even came to work afterward and cared for patients who needed her skill and compassion in this extremely difficult time in their lives. She is an amazing nurse, and I am so proud to call her my co-worker.”