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Community Health Boards

PeaceHealth is guided by the PeaceHealth System Board of Directors and by Community Health Boards in each of our network service areas in Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

These volunteer board members are community leaders who fully partner with PeaceHealth in making and supporting decisions based on our Mission and Values as well as our Vision for the organization—that every person receives safe, compassionate care: every time, every touch.

Our Community Health Boards are also charged with setting policy regarding quality, stewardship, planning, community service and advocacy.


Ketchikan Medical Center, Ketchikan
  • Dori Stevens, CAO, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Sherilyn Boehlert, Chairperson, Schoenbar Principal
  • Russ Cockrum, Viking Maid, Purse Seiner
  • Ken Owens, Secretary, Prince of Wales Island
  • Andrea Nenzel, CSJP, Center for Mission    
  • Stephen Becker, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, Chief of Staff 
  • Clay Keene, Keene & Currall    
  • Bill Tatsuda, Tatsuda's IGA    
  • David Johnson, MD, Retired Physician
  • Tena Williams, Ketchikan Daily News    
  • Karl Amylon, Ketchikan City Manager


Cottage Grove Community Medical Center, Cottage Grove
  • Ana-Marie Dudley
  • Dr. Marta Hantke
  • Tim Herrmann
  • Mary Kingston
  • Jackie Lester
  • Margaret Pattison, MD
  • Damien Sands
  • Sister Aileen Trainor
Sacred Heart Medical Center. Eugene/Springfield
  • Melissa Edwards, MD
  • Jacob Fox
  • Akshay Gupta, MD
  • Dr. Margaret Hamilton
  • Mary Kingston
  • DeLeesa Meashintubby
  • Hans Notenboom, MD
  • Jennifer Papé
  • Arturo Salazar, MD
  • Sister Aileen Trainor
Peace Harbor Medical Center, Florence
  • Ron Green, Board Chair
  • Ken Henderson, Vice Chair
  • Richard (Dale) Edwards, Secretary
  • Sister Aileen Trainor
  • Bob Mans, OD
  • Tobin Hanson, DO
  • William Foster, MD
  • Jason Hawkins, CAO
  • Jodi O’Mara
  • Kim Erickson
  • Erin Reynolds


St. Joseph Medical Center, Bellingham
  • Ione Adams, MD, Chair
  • Barbara Lupo, Vice Chair
  • Charles Prosper
  • Steve Clarke
  • Sister Margaret Dimond
  • Anna Dowling, MD
  • Jodi Joyce
  • Dakotah Lane, MD
Peace Island Medical Center, Friday Harbor
  • Jack Estrada, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Tom Cable, Chair
  • Julie Gralow, MD
  • Rebecca Pohlad
  • Kathleen Pruitt, CSJP
  • Michael Sullivan, MD, FACEP
St. John Medical Center, Longview
  • Brian Magnuson, Chair    
  • Cherelle Montanye, CAO    
  • Sister Anne Hayes, CSJP, Secretary
  • Suhail Bahu, MD    
  • Bill Boehm
  • Michael McNellis, MD
  • Stephen Vincent
  • Mary Beth Tack
  • Corey Balkan
  • Steve Jabusch
  • Jackie Davis
Southwest Medical Center, Vancouver
  • Barbe West, Chair
  • Rainy Atkins, Vice Chair
  • Alan Melnick, Secretary    
  • Karen Edwards, Ed.D.
  • John Deeder
  • John McDonagh
  • Andrew Silver
  • Sister Andrea Nenzel
  • John Greves, M.D.
  • Vanessa Gaston
  • Sean Gregory, (Voting, ex-officio), Chief Executive, Columbia Network
  • Desarom Teso, M.D. (Voting, ex-officio), President of the Medical Staff