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About Southwest Medical Center

Regional Leadership Team

Anthony Black-Eggleston

Director Spiritual Care and Mission, Columbia Network

Debra Carnes

Sr. Director Marketing and Communications, Columbia Network

Liz Cattin

Director Community Health, Columbia Network

Tracey Fernandez

Chief Financial Officer, Columbia Network and Interim Chief Executive, Southwest Medical Center

Gary Foster

Chief Operating Office, Southwest Medical Center

Sarah Garber, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Southwest Medical Center

Tanya Shanks-Connors

Chief Nursing Officer, Southwest Medical Center

Miriam Swartout

Sr. Director Human Resources, Columbia Network

Community Health Board

PeaceHealth is guided by the PeaceHealth System Board of Directors and by Community Health Boards in each of our network service areas in Oregon, Washington and Alaska.

These volunteer board members are community leaders who fully partner with PeaceHealth in making and supporting decisions based on our Mission and Values as well as our Vision for the organization—that every person receives safe, compassionate care: every time, every touch.

  • Renate (Rainy) Atkins, Chair
  • Andrew Silver, Vice-Chair
  • Alan Melnick, M.D., Secretary
  • John Deeder
  • Karin Edwards, Ed.D.
  • Esmeralda Garcia
  • Vanessa Gaston
  • John Greves, M.D.
  • John McDonagh
  • Carol Verga, CSJP-A
  • Tracey Fernandez, (Voting, ex-officio), Interim Chief Executive, Columbia Network
  • Elizabeth Morgan M.D., (Voting, ex-officio), Chief of Medical Staff, PHSW

Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC)

The goal of our PFAC is to make care more accessible and understandable for patients and their families.


Our PFAC has given valuable input into countless projects to improve the patient experience, including:

  • Patient education and marketing materials such as brochures, patient letters and new patient packets.
  • Phone system improvements.
  • Enhanced scheduling process for patients, standards for patient communication during appointments and more. 
  • A new visit and annual exam questionnaire.
  • Questionnaire for social determinants of health.
  • Recommendations for patient survey methodology and questions.


The PFAC meets from 5 to 7 p.m. on the first Monday of every month, except in July and August.
We ask for a two-year commitment, if possible.