Hometown Healthy

Hometown Healthy

By providing compassionate care both within our walls and throughout our entire community, PeaceHealth Ketchikan strives to make our Hometown Healthy.  However, you also play a vital role in promoting wellness in Ketchikan by practicing everyday acts of kindness, teamwork, and dedication to others.  Check out our inspiring Hometown Healthy stories on this page and join us on Facebook for more ideas on how you can take care of your health AND help make Ketchikan a “Hometown Healthy” place.

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To keep our Hometown Healthy, we want to hear from you!

Questions about your bill:
— 1-877-202-3597 (English-language support)
— 1-844-746-4737 (Support in all other languages)

Patient care comments and concerns:
— 1-844-749-8817 (Hotline to the Heart)