Patient Financial Services


PeaceHealth understands the impact of the government shutdown.  As always, patients who have trouble paying for a bill should call a Patient Account Specialist at the numbers listed below to explore options.

  • By telephone
    • 877-202-3597 English support
    • 844-746-4737 All other languages [Para español o tagalog, 国语, для русского языка, cho Việt]
  • PeaceHealth website
  • In person at any of our PeaceHealth Medical Centers
  • To obtain documents via mail free of charge: call us at the numbers listed above


Provider Based Entities

Some clinics are licensed as a part of a PeaceHealth hospital. For these clinics, you may receive a separate charge or billing for facility fees in addition to any professional fees for services, which may result in a higher out-of-pocket expense.