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Direct Contracting

Providers and patients working together for better health

For Patients

You could be eligible for enhanced Medicare benefits, at no extra cost. This program allows your provider to offer additional benefits not currently available to you including:

  • Priority scheduling
  • Expanded access to Skilled nursing and home health services
  • Extra support for your healthcare needs.

Sign up online for additional no-cost health care services, or call 877-488-8845.


Learn More about Medicare Program Support

For Providers


For more information, call 877-488-8845, or contact the PeaceHealth System Director of DCE/CIN operations, Nate Vogt.

Senior Leadership

  • Scott D. Foster, MD. MPH. - Chief Medical Executive – PeaceHealth DCE dba. Cascadia Community Care Alliance
  • Simon Lai, MD – Medical Director – PeaceHealth DCE dba. Cascadia Community Care Alliance

Board Members

  • Mike Dwyer (Chair) – PeaceHealth
  • Scott Foster, MD – PeaceHealth
  • Jeff Frank, MD – Oregon Neurology Associates
  • Erin Gerner - PeaceHealth
  • Shaun Harper, MD - PeaceHealth
  • Nichole Ingalls, MD – Northwest Surgical Specialists
  • Christine Kollmorgen, MD – Oregon Surgical Wellness
  • Simon Lai, MD - PeaceHealth
  • Serge Lindner, MD - PeaceHealth
  • Michelle Rasmussen, MD – Salem Health
  • James Sims, NP - PeaceHealth
  • Stephen Southerland, MD – Rebound Orthopedic & Neurosurgery
  • Susan Vaughan – Medicare Beneficiary

Affiliated Joint Ventures

  • Southwest Regional Surgery Center