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Webinar: Preventing colon cancer

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Watch the recording of a presentation by Dr. Anil Kabrawala and Dr. Nina Dhami on this important subject.

For many, the death of a popular young actor last year from colon cancer was a wake-up call. It means that even those under age 50 can be at risk for this serious disease.

PeaceHealth experts—Anil Kabrawala, MD and Nina Dhami, MD—shared in a webinar recently some helpful insights and practical advice for anyone—of any age—interested in identifying and preventing a disease that’s often curable when caught early.

The session included:

  • Risk factors for colorectal cancer.
  • Signs and symptoms to note.
  • Types of screenings.
  • Habits to promote good colon health.
  • Time for Q&A.

Watch a recording of the session below and download the free handouts:

portrait of Anil B Kabrawala MD

Anil B Kabrawala MD

Internal Medicine

Anil B Kabrawala MD practices Internal Medicine in Vancouver