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Webinar: Preventing colon cancer

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Watch the recording of a presentation by Dr. Anil Kabrawala and Dr. Nina Dhami on this important subject.

For many, the death of a popular young actor last year from colon cancer was a wake-up call. It means that even those under age 50 can be at risk for this serious disease.

PeaceHealth experts—Anil Kabrawala, MD and Nina Dhami, MD—shared in a webinar recently some helpful insights and practical advice for anyone—of any age—interested in identifying and preventing a disease that’s often curable when caught early.

The session included:

  • Risk factors for colorectal cancer.
  • Signs and symptoms to note.
  • Types of screenings.
  • Habits to promote good colon health.
  • Time for Q&A.

Watch a recording of the session below and download the free handouts:

portrait of Gurleen Dhami MD

Gurleen Dhami MD

Radiation Oncology
I am Dr. Nina Dhami, a board-certified Radiation Oncologist at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center. Having personally witnessed the impact cancer can have on those you love, I decided to dedicate my life to joining the cause in eradicating this disease. The science behind radiation therapy relies on an extensive knowledge of physics and biology – academic areas that I find fascinating. Radiotherapy technology has advanced significantly and can be a great benefit to my patients. My passion and priority are to personally connect with my patients and their families, maximizing outcomes and improving quality of life, both during and after receiving care. Creating an individualized treatment plan is a vital component to patient success; I emphasize collaboration with other members of the care team by spending time discussing the diagnosis and designing an evidence-based treatment plan. Most importantly, I take the time to understand what matters most to patients so that I may best help them live their most meaningful life. I chose to practice at PeaceHealth Southwest because of my commitment to delivering state-of-the-art, high value care within this community. Away from work, I love the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and exploring the outdoors with my family, including our dog named Pavlov. We particularly love the Columbia Gorge waterfall hikes. I am also a transplant from Texas and a vegetarian (Boy, the struggle was REAL living in Texas!), and I love all the vegetarian options the Pacific Northwest has to offer.