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Webinar: Going Sugarless - Strategies for Curbing your Sweet Tooth

Eating Right | Webinars | October 30, 2020
Young girl and young mother cut up fruit in their kitchen
Wonder what difference it would make to reduce the amount of sugar in your diet? Check out this resource.

Sugar makes life sweeter. But it's easy to eat too much of it and our health can pay the price. Experts recommend getting no more than 6% of daily calories from “added sugar.” Watching your sugar intake can make you feel healthier. 

Cecelia Jacobson, a registered dietitian at PeaceHealth gave an inspiring, informative talk on:

  • What “added sugar” is and how to watch for it 
  • How sugar affects us and why we should limit it
  • Ways to lessen sugar cravings and find healthier alternatives

Download the overview handout (PDF) for key takeaways and check out these recipes for a one-day sample menu:

Frequently Asked Questions

It can vary. Try going 10 days without added sugar in your diet to reset your brain and body.

Be careful about dried fruit. Sometimes you'll find added sugar in store-bought dried products. Plus serving sizes are smaller and higher in calories compared to the same fruit when it's whole and fresh or frozen. For example, compare ¼ cup of raisins (140 calories) to 1 cup of grapes (104 calories).

You could try some of the carbonated seltzer waters (ie. LaCroix).

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