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Do you know how healthy your lunch is?

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A woman and child eating food.

This or that – which food choice is better for you?

Looks can be deceiving when it comes to the healthiest options for lunch. Test your food knowledge and find out which option comes out on top.

1. What's the better sandwich option: peanut butter and jelly or turkey and cheese?

A: Peanut butter and jelly. Processed ingredients in the turkey sandwich have more sodium and saturated fat. Plus, most nut butters have a good amount of protein plus some fiber to keep you fuller longer.

2. Which beverage is better for you: apple juice, orange juice, water or milk?

A: Water or low-fat milk chilled or shelf stable are best. If lunch is a healthy fruit and low-sugar yogurt or cheese, water is the best option. If your little one needs more calories, a small, no-sugar juice or shelf-stable milk can be added.

3. What's the healthier sweet option: low-sugar yogurt or yogurt-covered raisins?

A: Low-sugar yogurt is better for you. Yogurt-covered raisins contain processed sugar and are high in saturated fat from the ingredients in the “yogurt” coating.

4. Is it better to pack an apple or banana in your lunch?

A: An apple is better as it has a little more fiber than banana and doesn’t bruise as easily. Any fresh or low-sugar fruit is a win!

5. True or false: Vinaigrette dressings are healthier than creamy dressings.

A: True: although you should check the portion size as some vinaigrettes may contain a high amount of oil.

Don’t forget to pack a gel ice pack with the lunch to keep it cool.

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