PeaceHealth Southwest’s Stroke Center is a comprehensive stroke center, an honor given only to medical centers with the highest level of technology and medical expertise to treat stroke emergencies 24-hours a day. In the event of a stroke, the best way to make sure you receive treatment at the closest comprehensive stroke center is to call 911.

Treating Stroke

The first step in treating stroke starts in the ambulance. It is very important that you call 911 if you or someone near you experiences any symptoms that may be stroke.

Every second counts in stroke treatment. Don't lose precious seconds waiting to see if the symptoms will improve or to drive to a hospital. Even if the symptoms do go away, they are a sign that a more devastating stroke may occur. Prompt treatment may prevent a major stroke.

Ambulance paramedics are an important part of the Stroke Team. They are trained to assess your condition. If they suspect you have had a stroke, they go into action with procedures designed to start you on the road to recovery.

The paramedics will also relate the accurate and important facts about your condition to the Stroke Team in the Emergency Department. Paramedics know what the Emergency staff need to have to set up equipment and procedures that are so vital to improving your chances of recovering from stroke.

Two of the most advanced treatments available today include clot-busting drugs and neurointerventional radiology.