Stroke Center team

Sarice L. Bassin, MD, Medical Director, is Board Certified in Neurology with subspecialty certification in Vascular Neurology. Her academic training includes a BS from Stanford University, MD (AOA) from Emory University School of Medicine, and Neurology Residency and Neurocritical Care Fellowship from the University of Virginia. Dr. Bassin oversees the Comprehensive Stroke Center's protocols and provides education to staff and the community.
Louise Jenkins, MBA, BSN, CPHQ, is the Stroke Center Manager. She has had an extensive nursing career spanning Emergency Services, Value & Quality Improvement, and Neurology over the past 35 years. Her main role is to monitor each stroke patient’s care to assure each one receives individualized and evidence-based stroke care, which leads to the best outcome for our patients. She is responsible for providing clinical expertise and leadership within the interdisciplinary team in patient care design, implementation, and on-going evaluation for stroke patients. As a stroke survivor herself, she knows the importance of public awareness to help people identify a potential stroke and know what to do; therefore you may run into her in the local area working to spread brain-saving community education. If you would like community education on stroke at your worksite, place of worship or other gathering, please contact the Louise at the Stroke Center at 360.514.3273.

​​​​George Shanno, MD, Neurosciences Medical Director, is a neurosurgeon with special training in interventional neurosurgery (less invasive brain procedures). Dr. Shanno is able to administer clot-dissolving drugs into the affected area of the brain, limiting the disability following certain types of stroke and reducing the risk of recurrence via a small catheter that is threaded into the brain. He is able to actually remove some clots and repair aneurysms using state-of-the-art techniques.

Duncan Borland, DO, is a neurologist with fellowship training in stroke treatment. Dr. Borland leads the program by managing acute stroke care of patients in the Emergency Department and during the initial hospital phase.