Before your visit

Your physician will discuss your surgery with you during your office visit, give you specific instructions to prepare for surgery, and he or she will select the day for your procedure. A member of the SWRSC staff will telephone you the day before your appointment, ask a basic health history, review preoperative instructions, and answer your questions.

Preparing for Surgery

Your comfort and safety begins prior to surgery:
  • It is important that you have a family member, friend, or responsible adult accompany you and drive you home.
  • A member of our staff will telephone you the day before surgery to tell you the time to arrive at the surgery center. If you miss our call, please call us at 360-449-6344.
  • You should not eat or drink anything, including water, gum, or breath mints after midnight on the night before your surgery. If you forget to follow this instruction, you are at risk for medical complications and your surgery will be postponed.
  • Refrain from alcoholic beverages or smoking for 24 hours before and after surgery.
  • Women patients should let us know if you are, or think that you might be pregnant.
  • Please notify us if you have any health changes prior to surgery, such as colds, fever, rashes, coughs, or a sore throat.
​Important Information

We will call you at the number you provided to your surgeon's office, after 3 p.m. on the working day prior to your surgery. At that time we will let you know the exact time that you should check in at SWRSC.

Your final time may differ significantly from the time you were originally given by your surgeon.