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Specialized Surgery

PeaceHealth surgeons have extra training in many specialty areas, such as brain surgery, heart surgery and orthopedic surgery. Many surgeries can be performed as an outpatient (also called same day surgery) or inpatient, where you stay overnight in the hospital.

When you need surgery, you can trust that we use the latest technology and minimally invasive approaches – including robotic-assisted procedures. This often means smaller and fewer incisions, shorter hospital stays and faster healing.

If you need a second opinion, we can help you understand your options. You can feel confident that you are in expert hands throughout your surgery and recovery.

Advanced specialized surgery services at PeaceHealth

You can find a PeaceHealth specialty surgeon throughout Oregon, Washington and Alaska. You’ll receive the excellent quality and personalized care you trust.

Experience matters

Every year, surgeons at Sacred Heart Medical Center perform about 20,000 procedures. Our surgery center is organized in “pods.” This means you get care from the teams who always work together with patients who need your type of surgery.

Advanced surgical operating rooms

You benefit from the latest integrated surgical technology, including 3D image-guidance. PeaceHealth surgeons can perform a variety of diagnostic tests and procedures, often at the same time. This can lead to better results and safety for you.

Advanced recovery suites

After surgery, patients recover in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU), a high-level critical care area staffed 24/7 by critical care nurses. The PACU has constant monitoring and a nurse-to-patient ratio of 1-to-1 or 1-to-2 depending on each patient’s needs.

Ongoing care after surgery

If you need rehabilitation [Link to Rehab page], physical therapy or physical medicine after surgery, we’re here for you. Whether it’s in the hospital, or after you’re discharged, rehab will help you get stronger and recover.