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Heart Procedures and Surgery

When heart surgery is the best choice to reduce symptoms and improve your health, PeaceHealth offers a full range of advanced treatments.

PeaceHealth provides everything from complex open-heart surgery to minimally invasive and robotic-assisted surgeries, which use small incisions (cuts) and may mean less pain and a quicker recovery. Sometimes, a catheter-based treatment that uses tiny tubes threaded through a blood vessel in your groin or through tiny chest incisions can take care of the problem.

Heart specialists who perform heart procedures include electrophysiologists, interventional cardiologists and heart and vascular surgeons. Our team works together to offer you the least-invasive procedure for the best result possible. We help you make the right decision for your condition.

Whether you need a minimally invasive heart procedure or heart surgery, you get complete care from heart care experts.

Advanced hybrid operating suite

PeaceHealth offers advanced surgical technology to enhance outcomes. Our hybrid operating room's sophisticated imaging system allows heart and vascular specialists to perform surgery and catheter-based procedures in the same room. This means fewer procedures for you.

Here for you before, during and after surgery

Whether you’ve had a heart attack or you’re recovering from a heart procedure or surgery, PeaceHealth gives you the power to heal better and faster with cardiac rehabilitation. Programs include medical oversight, education and guidance on exercise and nutrition to help you lead a heart-healthy lifestyle.

A team approach to care

Electrophysiologists, cardiac surgeons, interventional cardiologists, surgical nurses,cardiac rehabilitation specialists and other heart specialists at PeaceHealth work as a team to offer you well-coordinated, seamless care and advanced treatments.

Off-pump CABG expertise

PeaceHealth offers beating-heart coronary artery bypass graft surgery that doesn't require a heart-lung machine. This can mean less risk, a shorter hospital stay and a quicker recovery than traditional open-heart surgery.

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