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Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT)

You rely on your ears, nose and throat for many things every day. Otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat care) is the pediatric and adult surgical and medical care for conditions that affect these areas. Audiology is the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss. You might need these services if you have severe or constant symptoms such as chronic earaches, loss of taste or smell, sinus problems, hearing loss or trouble swallowing.

Otolaryngologists, audiologists and speech language therapists offer a full range of services including comprehensive audiometric testing and hearing aid fitting and follow up. We use modern and less-invasive methods, such as endoscopic sinus surgery, intra operative nerve monitoring, coblator tonsillectomies and image guidance technology.

Common problems we see include chronic ear infections and chronic tonsil infections that require surgery, chronic or severe sinus infections, head and neck endocrine problems including thyroid nodules and cancers and hyperparathyroidism.

Ear, nose and throat at PeaceHealth

Convenient for you

Specialists at PeaceHealth provide care close to home. With convenient locations, easy scheduling and specialties under one roof, you don’t have to go far for care. PeaceHealth has a Sleep Disorder Center and a comprehensive Cancer Center on site to support your care needs.

Surgical experience

PeaceHealth is a community leader in surgery for the ears, nose and throat. Surgeons at PeaceHealth offer methods that aren’t found anywhere else in the community, including transoral laser microsurgery.

Integrated care

Providers at PeaceHealth work with specialists from many areas to design your treatment plan. They work with doctors who specialize in surgery, cancer care, sleep medicine, gastroenterology, neurology and more. You can benefit from a dedicated, integrated team.

Personal attention

At PeaceHealth, your care team uses many advanced therapies to tailor treatment to your needs. You’ll have help from the team of experts at PeaceHealth who will work together to offer you complete care.

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