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Eye Care

PeaceHealth provides expert eye care for people of all ages from routine checkups and children’s eye exams to urgent eye care and vision-correction surgery. The eye care team treats eye injuries and helps determine the cause of eye pain, blurriness, redness, eye growths or loss of vision. The eye care team includes:

  • Ophthalmologists – Medical doctors (MDs) who provide surgical and nonsurgical eye care.
  • Optometrists – Doctors of optometry (ODs) who diagnose eye conditions and prescribe eyeglasses and contact lenses to correct vision problems.

Whether you need a new prescription for contacts or advanced treatment for a complex eye disease, you’ll get expert care for your eyes and vision.

Eye care services at PeaceHealth

You can get quality care and a full range of vision care services from our expert team.

Complete eye care

PeaceHealth offers expert care and advanced technology to give you complete eye care services — from eye exams to complex, minimally invasive eye surgery. You'll find quality care and services for your family, including urgent care for eye injuries.

On-site optical services

PeaceHealth makes it easy to take care of your vision. You can fill your contact lens or eyeglass prescriptions right after your eye care appointment. Choose from a wide selection of frames, specialty lenses and more.

Advanced diagnosis

PeaceHealth uses advanced equipment to find eye diseases at early stages to help protect your vision. You’ll get care from highly trained ophthalmologists who’ll design a treatment plan with your needs in mind.

Eye surgery expertise

Ophthalmologists use advanced surgical approaches to improve vision and treat eye diseases, including minimally invasive and laser methods. They focus on procedures to treat macular degeneration, eye tumors and retinal and corneal disorders.

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