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Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

When an injury or condition such as a broken bone, arthritis, knee pain or shoulder pain strikes, you want to get back on track as soon as possible.

Orthopedic specialists care for problems with bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and muscle tissue. Whether your orthopedic condition is due to arthritis, injury, sports or just wear and tear, or if your child needs orthopedic care, our specialists are ready to help.

You’ll benefit from a team of experts who use advanced treatments, including nonsurgical therapies and minimally invasive surgery, for knee replacement and hip replacement. Together, we’ll give you the power to recover quickly, improve your quality of life and prevent future problems.

Orthopedic and sports medicine services at PeaceHealth

Count on the experienced orthopedic team at PeaceHealth.

Nationally recognized joint replacement care

PeaceHealth has been named one of the 100 Top Hospitals in the United States for Total Joint Replacement. Our specialists perform more than 1,000 hip and knee replacements every year.

Minimally-invasive treatments

PeaceHealth offers minimally invasive hip replacement, knee replacement and shoulder surgeries that give patients the power to heal faster and return to activities sooner.

A team approach to care

Your team of orthopedic physicians, surgeons, physical therapists, occupational therapists and other orthopedic experts at PeaceHealth works together to treat your condition and help prevent problems in the future.

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