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Get race-ready: Week 5

couple walking on treadmills
Keep moving ahead with your 5k race preparations.

Race day is close. As with prior weeks, keep listening to what your body is telling you it can handle. If you're not ready to take things up a notch, stay with the past week's schedule. If you feel your body saying, "Let's go!" ramp it up with this week's intensity level.

5k training program for beginners - Week five

Week #5 exercise regimen for training for 5k

Days one, three and six

  • Warm up (five to 10 minutes of walking and stretching)
  • Run for one minute, then walk for one minute (do this 15 times)
  • Cool down and stretch your calves, front and back thigh muscles, hips and rear

Days two and four

  • Strength training, including your core (stomach and back)

Days five and seven

  • Active rest

Bonus tip: Did you know your mind plays an important part in exercise? Read tips on the mental aspect of running.

This 5k training program is courtesy of Sherri McMillan, MSc, a PeaceHealth race partner, to help you prepare to cross the finish line comfortably and safely. 

Download the entire six-week program for beginners.


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