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Get race-ready: Week 4

Man preparing to start walking on treadmill
Race day is getting closer. Do you feel ready?

While race day is fast approaching, it's important to keep a slow, steady approach to your training. You want to finish the race, not be sidelined by injuries.

Is your body ready for a more challenging schedule? Go for it. If not, keep with the past week's schedule.  

5k training program for beginners - Week four

Week #4 exercise program regimen to prepare for a 5k

Days one, three and six

  • Warm up (five to 10 minutes of walking and stretching)
  • Run for one minute, then walk for two minutes (do this 10 times)
  • Cool down and stretch your calves, front and back thigh muscles, hips and rear

Days two and four

  • Strength training, including your core (stomach and back)

Days five and seven

  • Active rest

Bonus tip: Are you training near a track or park? Consider how to use a playground in your workout or stretching routine.

This program is provided by Sherri McMillan, MSc, a PeaceHealth race partner, to help you prepare to cross the finish line - comfortably and safely. 

Download the entire six-week program for beginners.

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