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Clinical Pastoral Education at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center

Welcome to PeaceHealth Southwest and our ACPE Accredited Clinical Pastoral Education Program!

Clinical Pastoral Education is a program of professional education for ministry. It is structured to provide students with a supervised clinical experience of ministry that becomes the focus of a critical reflection for the purpose of personal growth and professional development.

CPE learning is relational. In the context of individual and group supervision, students are enabled to learn about themselves, others, spiritual care, and to deepen their faith. Through a process of action and reflection, students are encouraged to articulate the meaning and purpose of their experience as spiritual care providers and to integrate new awareness into their ongoing practice of ministry.

The goals of CPE include both the acquisition of spiritual care skills and the development of identity as a spiritual care provider. Through the discovery and practice of skills necessary for ministry, students gain competence in providing spiritual care. Reflection on experience, exploration of personal history and religious tradition, integration of psychological insight, emotional awareness and theological understanding all contribute to the process of formation as a spiritual care provider.

 CPE Program Components

In addition to providing direct spiritual care to patients, families, and staff, and sharing on-call responsibilities, the following are standard components of a CPE unit:

  • Direct ministry: Students work with patients, families, and staff.
  • On-call responsibilities: Students share 24-hour emergency response throughout the hospital, including evenings and weekends.
  • Peer group work: Students participate in verbatim seminars, theological reflection, and interpersonal group meetings.
  • Clinical supervision: Students receive group and individual supervision in all areas of training.
  • Didactic seminars: Presentations are offered on selected issues relating to ministry and hospital chaplaincy.
  • Reading and papers: Students are expected to do supplemental reading and prepare papers.