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As you age, you may need special care for your health. Geriatrics is a health field that’s focused on caring for seniors, generally aged 65 or older.

Geriatricians are healthcare professionals who specialize in caring for conditions that often affect older adults. You might need these services if you have a change in mobility, eating habits, mental status or behavior, or if you need coordinated care. The goal of senior care is to:

  • Improve health and quality of life
  • Prevent illness and injury
  • Help seniors maintain their independence

Use a patient centered approach by discussing your personal goals of care, including advance care planning

Convenient, compassionate care

The specialists provide care that’s close to home. The PeaceHealth team can connect patients to convenient screening services such as Alzheimer’s screenings. If long-term care, home care, or transition from one form of care to another is needed, the PeaceHealth team works with partner agencies to help connect you.

Seamless, integrated care

Providers work with specialists from many areas to design a treatment plan for you or your loved one. They join with doctors who specialize in:

You’ll benefit from having a dedicated, integrated team for the care you need.

Senior-friendly facility

Facilities are designed to meet the needs of older patients. Our clinic is on the first floor and the exam rooms accommodate family members, walkers and wheelchairs ramps.