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Assessing Your Asthma Knowledge


Understanding asthma can help you control your symptoms and reduce your risk of asthma attacks.

The following statements summarize what you should know about asthma. If you don't know or aren't sure about any of them, talk to your doctor. The more you understand about asthma, the better you will be able to follow your management plan and lead a full life.

Asthma self-assessment


Yes, I do

No, I don't

I'm not sure

I know what asthma is and what it does to me.


I know the symptoms of asthma.


I know how my asthma medicines help me.


I know what my asthma triggers are and what to do about them.


I feel sure that I can prevent an asthma attack.


I know how to treat my asthma symptoms.


I know when my symptoms are serious enough to call for emergency help.


I know how to use my asthma action plan.


I do what I enjoy doing, despite my asthma.


I know that people around me can help me if needed.



Current as of: August 6, 2023

Author: Healthwise Staff
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