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Pulmonology (Respiratory Care)

You should never ignore symptoms like wheezing, chest pain or a long-lasting cough. They may be signs you need to seek care for a respiratory (breathing) disease.

Many respiratory disorders get worse over time. The earlier you’re diagnosed, the sooner you can get treatments to help you breathe easier.

Pulmonologists are doctors who specialize in the respiratory system. They care for problems with the trachea (windpipe), lungs and the airways inside the lungs. Some pulmonologists at PeaceHealth also treat sleep disorders, critical illnesses or injuries.

If you have asthma or COPD, you’ll find expert care — including minimally invasive treatments — at PeaceHealth.

Pulmonology (respiratory care) at PeaceHealth

PeaceHealth aims to help you breathe and live better.

A team approach

Breathing problems can affect everything from sleep to stamina. An  expert team is at your service to provide heart and vascular care [link to Heart and Vascular landing page], pulmonary rehabilitation, sleep medicine [link to Sleep Medicine page] and thoracic surgery.

Education and support on-site

It can feel overwhelming  learning to manage your condition. That’s why a nurse is available to meet with you after every appointment to answer your questions about medicines or test results or show you how to use your inhaler or home oxygen supplies.

Innovative care for lung cancer

Some of our pulmonologists perform endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS), a minimally invasive procedure that can biopsy, diagnose and stage lung cancer in a single procedure.

Minimally invasive surgery

PeaceHealth offers robotic surgery to treat lung cancer. Using a procedure called lobectomy, surgeons at PeaceHealth remove only the cancerous lobe of the lung — not the entire lung. This may result in fewer scars, less pain and faster recovery after surgery.

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