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Sleep Medicine

Sleep is a basic human need. It heals your body, boosts your immune system and recharges your brain.

That’s why chronic lack of sleep, or poor-quality sleep, can take a toll on your health, increasing your risk for obesity, heart problems, diabetes or depression. Feeling tired or less alert can also impact decision making and reaction time.

If you’re desperate for a good night’s sleep, turn to the sleep medicine specialists at PeaceHealth. They manage sleep problems in children and adults, and can help you figure out why you can’t sleep and find ways to improve the quality of your sleep — and your life.

Sleep Medicine at PeaceHealth

Accredited sleep center

Our sleep lab is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. This means we meet strict standards of care and offer a full range of services for people with sleep disorders.

Sleep problems in children

Sleep disorders affect children differently than adults. Our sleep specialists identify and treat pediatric sleep disorders including obstructive sleep apnea, night terrors and narcolepsy.

Sleep labs are designed with your comfort in mind

Sleep studies take place in comfortable, hotel-quality sleep rooms.

Experienced doctors

Doctors who treat sleep disorders at PeaceHealth include neurologists and pulmonologists. They’ve completed extra training in sleep disorders and are certified by the American Board of Sleep Medicine.

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