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Wellness and Prevention

Wellness, or being in good health, goes hand-in-hand with prevention, which is about taking action to help prevent an illness or injury.

Wellness is not only a commitment you make to your body’s health, but also to your mind and spirit. To support you in this commitment, PeaceHealth offers a range of free and fee-based wellness programs, services, resources and community outreach opportunities.

Wellness and prevention at PeaceHealth

Convenient care

The specialists at PeaceHealth provide care close to home. With convenient locations, easy scheduling and specialties in one location, you won’t have to go far for quality care. PeaceHealth also provides you with preventive care, including screenings such as skin cancer screenings, teen heart screenings and blood pressure checks.

Commitment to the community

PeaceHealth is recognized as being one of the healthiest employers in the region. Our commitment to a healthy workplace extends to providing quality care for our community.

Personal attention

At PeaceHealth, your care team will tailor your treatment to your health needs. The specialists at PeaceHealth combine their expertise and use advanced therapies to give you complete care.

Seamless, integrated care

To design your treatment plan, providers at Peacehealth work closely with other healthcare specialists including:

  • Behavioral health
  • Cancer screening
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Primary care
  • Senior care
  • Sports medicine
  • Weight loss services
  • Women’s health

Treatments Provided

Bereavement services

PeaceHealth offers bereavement programs to provide emotional support for individuals, families and children after the death of a loved one. 

Medicine management

Your treatment may include prescription or over-the-counter medicines to control your symptoms. Medicines may include pills, nasal sprays, inhalers and sinus rinses.

Nutrition counseling

Diet and nutrition play an important role in helping you feel your best. Nutritionists will work closely with you to form an effective eating plan.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation

If you have osteoporosis, you may work with a physical therapist to help strengthen your bones with weight-bearing exercises. Your therapist will also help you improve muscle strength, balance and flexibility to prevent falls.

Spiritual Care

Spiritual care provides services from a variety of Christian faiths to patients and families. This support includes chaplains, counseling and worship services.

Support services

Your care team goes far beyond medical treatments and managing your diagnosis day-to-day. PeaceHealth provides a team who will answer questions, guide you through your insurance needs and help you feel well — mentally, physically and emotionally.

Your team may include:

  • Social workers – They will help take care of the details of your care, including transportation, finances, insurance and support to help you cope. They can also connect you with resources and education.
  • Spiritual support – Spiritual health is much more than religion: It’s about creating coping mechanisms and ways to build hope, purpose and peace. Learn how spiritual wellness can help reduce anxiety and restore your strength.
  • Support groups – Connect with others on their cancer journey. Share your experience and gain support from others who have been there before. Talk to your nurse navigator to find out when support groups meet.
Vaccinations and immunizations

Preventive medicines to keep everyone, from children to seniors, healthy.

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