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Reading is a healthy habit

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A woman and a young child read a book on the carpet

Scientific studies show that reading can have many health benefits.

Have you heard that research shows reading can be good for your health?
The effects of reading can be measured in things such as lower heart rate and less muscle tension, according to a study from the University of Sussex.

Recent studies also show that reading fiction can help people feel more empathy for others.

And some mental health specialists use “bibliotherapy” — a type of therapy using books and reading — to help patients in counseling.

How reading helps

There are several ways reading can potentially boost someone’s health. 

Among the many benefits, reading can help you:

Click the image below to download printable bookmarks.

3 printable bookmarks for grownups


Reading to kids

If reading is good for adults, imagine what it can do for the little ones in your life. Reading aloud to children helps them:

  • Learn words.
  • Get excited about their world.
  • Cope with stress.
  • Bond with you and others.

Click the image below to download printable bookmarks for kids.

3 printable bookmarks for kids


While reading is generally good for you, consider the following for overall health:

  • Balance book time with movement. Curling up with a good book is great. So is getting up and stretching every so often.
  • Choose topics that fit your needs. If you feel stressed, consider a book that can lighten your mood. 
  • Opt for paper at bedtime. While e-books make reading convenient, back-lit screens can disrupt or disturb sleep patterns.