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Infographic: How to do chores with less back pain?

Infographic: Tips for managing back pain

Everyday tips on caring for your back

Can you do housework and run errands while keeping your back pain from getting worse? Possibly.

Here are a few tips to try managing your back pain as you go about everyday tasks:

  • vacuuming - walk with the vacuum across the floor, instead of pushing and pulling.
  • housecleaning - don't strain to reach; use a damp close on the end of a broom to reach low places.
  • using the phone - avoid cradling the phone on your shoulder; consider getting a hands-free phone or headset.
  • driving - when you get into the car, sit first, then turn so you bring both legs into the car together. When getting out, do the reverse.
  • unloading groceries - don't try to take all of the bags in all at once. Make a few extra trips to avoid straining.
  • picking up children - if you're lifting a kiddo, avoid doing so from a standing position or remember to lift properly using your legs. Better yet, find a place to sit and let the child climb in your lap.
  • gardening - when you can, sit squat or get on your knees, instead of bending.
  • washing dishes - if you're doing dishes the old-fashioned way, you might feel better with one foot slightly higher than the other. While doing dishes, open the cupboard below and place one foot on the ledge.