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Green drinks: What are they and do they have superpowers?

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Woman working on computer with green drink next to her.

They usually contain some of the nutrients your body needs.

Green juice, green smoothies, green vitamin powders – the color green is taking over the drink aisle at the supermarket. But what are these green drinks, and do they actually provide the health benefits their promotional materials claim?

Adults should aim to make half their plate full of vegetables and fruits at each meal, according to the Healthy Eating Plate plan developed at the Harvard School of Public Health.

But what if sitting down for a full meal, three times a day, isn’t realistic? How do you get a balanced diet throughout the day when you’re on the go? 

That’s when a green drink may come into the picture as a snack.

While green drinks shouldn’t be used as a meal replacement, they may help you get vitamins and nutrients that you wouldn’t be getting otherwise. 

Homemade options

You may be familiar with green drink brands like Athletic Greens or AG1, Bloom and Suja. But making your own at home can be possible, too.

If you like sweet and tart, this homemade green juice boost recipe could be just the thing. It’s packed with three cups of spinach, some lemon and a green apple. And guess what — it can be juiced or blended in less than 5 minutes. 

Or maybe you want something with a little protein in it as well. A “shamrock” shake inspired smoothie can be doubled to share with your entire family or make a batch to drink today and tomorrow.

Up your daily vitamins

In addition to providing you with some of the fruits and vegetables that you need each day, these drinks may also be a good source of vitamins.

If you see pureed or juiced leafy green vegetables, then you might be getting part of a serving of riboflavin or vitamin B2, which helps your metabolism. It’s also important for vision and skin health. 

Is peanut butter in the ingredient list? If so, you’re probably getting some niacin or vitamin B3. This also helps your metabolism and is important for your nervous system, digestive system and skin health.