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4 tips for men to live their healthiest

June 16, 2021 | Healthy You | Aging Well

Nurse takes blood pressure of older man

Men should seek preventive care and pay attention to small symptoms.

Despite good-natured joking about “man colds,” statistically, men are actually more likely to minimize symptoms of illness or injury.

Ignoring even small signs of a problem can lead to delayed diagnoses—sometimes after a condition has progressed and become much harder to treat.

“It’s common for men to shrug off what they think of as small problems,” says Jesse Nye, DO, a physician for PeaceHealth Medical Group Clinic in Friday Harbor. “We like to feel invincible. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make the problems go away and it can make things worse.”

Just like fixing small things around the house or making sure the cars get routine maintenance, men feel better and have more peace of mind when they’ve made time to proactively care for their physical and mental wellbeing.

Where to focus

In light of National Men’s Health month, here are tips on where to focus attention to maintain good health:

  1. Get an annual physical. This is a good time to bring up questions.
  2. Schedule overdue prostate, colorectal and other screenings.  Your doctor can tell you which tests are recommended, based on your age and other risk factors.
  3. Manage your stress and prioritize mental health. The past several months have been brutal on everyone. Be kind to yourself and give yourself grace.
  4. Limit alcohol consumption and tobacco use. It’s easy to overindulge, which can aggravate existing problems or lead to new ones.

Schedule your visit

If you’re due for your annual checkup or screenings, you can schedule any virtual or in-person appointments needed by:

Note: Dr. Nye not only recommends good self-care to his patients. He practices it himself. In June 2021, he completed the IRONMAN 70.3 Hawaiì Half-Triathlon in Kohala Coast, Hawaii.