Soft Touch Mammogram

Do you sometimes find yourself avoiding your mammogram because you dread the discomfort? Now there's a way to soften the experience. 
Our Breast Care Suite offers the Soft Touch Mammogram, with a foam pad that serves as a cushion between you and the mammography system. So you can relax, knowing your mammogram will be soft, warm and comfortable.


How Often Should I have a Mammogram?

Early detection is your best defense against breast cancer. The American Cancer Society recommends annual mammograms for women ages 40 and older. 

About the Soft Touch Mammogram

The single-use, adhesive-backed foam cushion attaches to the compression plates of the mammography device. It was developed by Stanford University breast surgeon Gale Lebovic, MD, who understood mammography discomfort from both a physician and patient's point of view.
The recyclable breast cushion is invisible to x-rays and does not interfere with the image quality of the mammogram.