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Cancer Procedure Guide

Breast Cancer

Colon Cancer

Skin Cancer Surgery

Any skin lesion with an abnormal growth, irregular shape or color, or which is a concern to you should be examined by a physician. These skin lesions can often be removed in the office. The lesion will be sent to the pathologist for examination. If the biopsy is cancerous further surgical care may be needed.

Lung Cancer

Your lungs take up most of the space in your chest. They are divided into lobes. There are three lobes in the right lung and two lobes in the left lung. If a mass in the lung has been found to be cancerous, it may need to be removed. The size, location, and determination if the cancer has spread determines how much of the lung needs to be removed.

  • A wedge resection removes a small portion of a lobe.
  • A segmental resection removes a larger portion of a lobe.
  • A lobectomy removes an entire lobe and a pneumonectomy removes the entire lung.

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