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Gastric Reflux Surgery Procedure Guide

Lap Nissen (Laparoscopic Nissenfundoplication), Anti-Reflux Surgery
Though medical therapy is helpful, in most cases many people will go on to have symptoms while on medication or have symptoms return if they stop taking the medication. It is in these people that anti-reflux surgery is sometimes the best solution.

Reflux is generally the result of a herniation (bulging) of the upper portion of the stomach into the chest or an incompetent (leaky) esophageal sphincter.

Symptoms are chronic heartburn, sour-tasting fluid in your throat and difficulty swallowing, especially after eating a meal. Sometimes these symptoms can be controlled with lifestyle changes, but more lasting relief may be achieved with surgery.

The surgery is done using a small telescope-like camera inserted into the abdomen. Other small instruments are inserted through small incisions. Surgeons recreate the one-way valve where the esophagus meets the stomach recreating the normal anatomy of this area. You will ordinarily have to stay in the hospital after a lap nissen for one to three days.

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