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Joint Replacement Center

Back On Track program logo The Joint Replacement Center's Back On Track Program at Sacred Heart Medical Center uses a comprehensive, planned course of treatment that supports a culture of wellness and early return to activity. Care includes preparation for surgery, the actual surgery, a proven post-operative program of group physical therapy, a family member or friend who coaches you through recovery, private rooms and a personal coordinator.

If you have chronic joint pain, our team can help you return to the daily activities you enjoy.

Well over 1,000 hip and knee replacements are performed annually at Sacred Heart by orthopedic surgeons who specialize in total joint replacement. Among them is the first surgeon in Oregon to perform anterior (front) approach hip surgery, which is less damaging to the muscle and leads to a shorter recovery time. Sacred Heart’s team approach to hip and knee replacement emphasizes patient education and rehabilitation. 


Understanding the Surgery

Total joint replacement surgery can be a life-changing operation for those with chronic hip or knee pain from osteoarthritis. Every stage of the process, from your first appointment to your post-surgery rehabilitation, has been carefully planned to help you have the best experience and get the best result. All the acute care services you need are conveniently located on the RiverBend medical campus.

The surgery itself is only one part of the total joint replacement journey. Many other factors will contribute to the success of your hip or knee replacement, including your:

  • Understanding of the steps before, during and after surgery
  • Preparation for surgery
  • Attendance at a pre-operative joint replacement class
  • Participation in rehabilitation
  • Lifestyle after surgery

The Joint Replacement Center's care team includes surgeons, operating room nurses, bedside nurses, and physical therapists—all specially trained in orthopedics and all committed to the Back on Track Program. We'll help you on your journey to health, every step of the way.

  • Make an appointment if you have not yet consulted an orthopedic surgeon about your chronic knee pain.
  • Is surgery for you? Click for a decision-making tool on knee surgery and hip surgery.
  • Patient education before surgery is one of the keys to a successful hip or knee replacement procedure. Click to learn more about education for total joint replacement.
  • Rehabilitation begins the same day or the day following hip or knee surgery. Click to learn more about inpatient therapy.
  • Your hospital room during your two to three day stay following surgery will be a private room in our specialized orthopedics unit on the 6th floor of Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend.

Shoulder joint replacement is also performed at Sacred Heart. Click to:

PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend
3333 RiverBend Dr
Springfield, OR 97477