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Hyperbaric Center at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center RiverBend

3333 RiverBend Dr
1st Floor
Springfield, OR 97477

Clinical Benefits of HBO2

Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) treatment increases oxygen in the plasma 10 to 15 fold. This delivers more oxygen to damaged tissue to promote healing.

HBO2 can inactivate certain toxins, enhance phagocytosis and white cell oxidative killing and increase the activity of some antimicrobials.

It enhances fibroblast division, stem cell proliferation and formation of collagen and capillary angiogenesis in late radiation damaged tissue, refractory osteomyelitis and chronic ulcers.

HBO2 helps manage compartment syndrome and other acute ischemia in injured extremities. It reduces interstitial edema in grafted tissue and decreases fluid resuscitation requirements in burn wound management.

It also reduces the harmful effect of leukocytes as blood flow is restored to damaged tissue.

How it Works

We house Sechrist Monoplace 4100 Hyperbaric Chambers, the largest hyperbaric monoplace chamber available. Chamber capabilities include multiple intravenous transfusion lines and electrical monitoring, including EKG, transcutaneous oxygen monitoring and a patient air-break system.

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