Orthopedic Surgery

Sacred Heart offers surgical care for hundreds of orthopedic conditions. Our nationally known orthopedic surgeons help patients keep everything properly connected and on track toward pain-free living. Sacred Heart has been the site for many surgical firsts, including advanced minimally invasive hip replacement and shoulder joint repair, as well as an alternate procedure called hip resurfacing.

Hip surgery involves a ball and socket joint. In both traditional hip replacement and hip resurfacing operations, the socket is machined to remove cartilage to allow for a new titanium socket. The primary difference in the two procedures is what happens with the ball, or femoral bone.

With hip replacement, the femoral bone is cut and a replacement ball with a stem is inserted in the femoral canal. With hip resurfacing, the femoral bone is reshaped to allow a cap to be cemented into place. The femoral bone is preserved for revision surgery that may be necessary as the patient ages.