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Pharmacy Residency Program at St. John Medical Center

Entry way to St. John Medical Center in Longview, Washington

Program Overview

We are pleased to announce that as of July 2021, PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center's Postgraduate Year One (PGY1) residency program is an accredited program through American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP). Although the residency program is structured to meet the PGY1 standards set forth by ASHP, all experiences are individualized based on existing resident competencies and personal interests. The purpose of this residency program is to develop competent clinical pharmacy practitioners who have accelerated their growth beyond entry-level professional aptitude in patient care and practice management. The program ensures residents further develop leadership and therapeutic skills that may be applied in any direct patient care position in a variety of practice settings.


  • Manage and improve the medication use process
  • Provide evidence-based, patient-centered medication therapy management within interdisciplinary teams
  • Exercise leadership and practice management skills
  • Provide medication and practice-related education and training
  • Utilize medical informatics
  • Conduct pharmacy practice research
  • Participate in the management of medical emergencies
  • Demonstrate project management skills
  • Apply patient care, customer service, and practice innovation skills in an integrated delivery system environment (i.e. development/ application of treatment guidelines)
  • Effective in work teams which are charged with planning activities, identifying opportunities for improvement, analyzing alternatives, implementing solutions and evaluating results
  • Demonstrate additional competencies that contribute to working successfully in the health care environment
  • Competent to be eligible for hire within the PeaceHealth system or other practice setting upon completion of the residency program

Application Process

If you would like the opportunity to join our progressive and robust pharmacy team, please apply as directed below:

  1. Submit a complete residency program application through PHORCAS by January 8, 2023
  2. Register for the ASHP National Matching Service
  3. Complete an on-site* interview if selected - *This may be held virtually for the 2023-2024 interviewing class
Pharmacy residents at St. John Medical Center display clinical experience information

Requirements for Residency:

Initial Pharmacy Practice Experience and Orientation - (July – November)

Orientation may be longer or shorter depending on individual resident background.

  • General Orientation: Code Blue, drug information/P&T, basic orientation
  • Training in central/outpatient pharmacy operations which is 6 weeks

Completion of the following minimum training experiences:

  • Twelve weeks of ambulatory practice experiences
    • Six weeks experience in Ambulatory Care required
  • Twelve weeks of inpatient practice experiences
    • Six weeks experience in Intensive Care/Internal Medicine required
  • Six weeks experience in Transitions of Care required
  • Longitudinal experiences
    • Leadership and Personal Development (aka. Weekly Meetings)
    • Major Project
    • Clinical Staffing
    • Drug Information
    • Foundation Skills (Staffing)

Drug Information

  • Completion of at least one drug monograph for the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
  • Completion of at least one medication use evaluation and a formulary class review or a second medication use evaluation for the P&T Committee
  • Completion of quarterly P&T newsletter published to pharmacy staff
  • Completion of at least one review of the ISMP quarterly action agenda
  • Completion of leading one formal journal club

Clinical Staffing: One three-week experience as a decentralized pharmacist responsible for a service (January-June).  During this time, there is no direct preceptor.  This experience occurs during the second half of the residency.

Available Training Experiences:

Acute Care Experiences - On-site

  • Administration/Management
  • Behavioral Health (*does have some outpatient components)
  • Critical Care – Required
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Infectious Disease
  • Internal Medicine – Required

Transitions of Care – On-Site – Required

Ambulatory Care Experiences - On-site

  • Administration/Management
  • Ambulatory Care – Family Medicine and Internal Medicine – Required
  • Anticoagulation / Medication Therapy Management (MTM)
  • Oncology/Infusion Center

Other Off-site Experiences (Up to 8 weeks when available per ASHP requirements)

  • Specific rotations available off-site at PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center in conjunction with their PGY1 program are offered if requested by resident

Non-Rotational and Longitudinal Experiences

  • Academia/Precepting - Teaching certification program in conjunction with the Portland Citywide program
  • Foundation Skills Training / Staffing