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Partner Support During Pregnancy


How can you strengthen your relationship during pregnancy?

Pregnancy can present many changes and unknowns. When both partners support each other, they strengthen their bond and their sense of teamwork. The stronger your relationship with your partner is now, the better prepared you'll be to parent together.

Try these tips for bonding with your partner.

  • Share what you're each feeling.

    Try to simply listen, rather than fix or judge. Pregnancy is a different experience, so expect new feelings.

  • Go to doctor visits together.

    Ask questions and give each other support.

  • Encourage your partner to reach out to others.

    They may find great advice, tips, and support online or from others who've "been there."

  • Make time for fun.

    Go for walks, play a game, or watch a movie. Hug and hold hands.

  • Make healthy changes together.

    Maybe you both could cut back on caffeine or fried foods, for example?

How can you support your partner?

You can support your partner during pregnancy by learning about pregnancy and helping with daily activities. Ask your partner how else you can provide support. Here are some ideas.

  • Read about what to expect during each trimester.
  • Go to doctor visits and childbirth classes together.
  • Talk about decisions about prenatal tests, such as those for birth defects.
  • Decide together what role you want to play in labor and delivery.
  • Give your partner space to take breaks and naps. Offer back and foot massages to help with stress and body aches.
  • Share in cleaning, making meals, and caring for others in the family.
  • If you smoke, smoke outside and not around your partner. Start a quit program if you can, or cut down on how much you smoke.

How can you keep your family involved?

Families can work together to prepare for a child. Here are some ideas:

  • Involve your family in baby prep.

    Pick out the baby's crib together. Give your other children specific tasks, like making a card to welcome the new baby.

  • Talk to your children about the baby.

    Remind them of their special role as a big brother or sister. Let them know you'll need help caring for the baby.

  • Teach your children about pregnancy.

    Look for pregnancy websites or books that show what's happening inside the body.

  • Plan one-on-one time if you can.

    Spending separate time alone with your kids—and your partner—can help your family stay close during this special time.

  • Make healthy changes together.

    If you're trying to stay active or eat healthier foods, do it as a family.

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