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Pregnancy and Childbirth

Few experiences are as special as pregnancy and childbirth. Whether you’re having your first or fourth child, you need safe, supportive maternity care.

PeaceHealth and its partner organizations offer prenatal, labor and delivery and postpartum services. You can plan your care to fit your health needs or preferences. Your care team may include specialists in midwifery, high-risk pregnancy, newborn (neonatal)care or breastfeeding.

At PeaceHealth, you have labor choices that range from natural, low-intervention methods to epidural anesthesia. We also welcome birth doulas.

Pregnancy and childbirth care at PeaceHealth

Learn why so many families choose PeaceHealth for pregnancy and childbirth care.

Nationally recognized breastfeeding support

We’re one of the few hospitals to earn accreditation by the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative. Our policies and practices meet the global gold standard for promoting successful breastfeeding.

Neonatal intensive care is here if your baby needs it

Our Level NICU is prepared to handle emergencies. We care for newborns who were born early, need a little help transitioning or have certain medical problems.

Safe maternity care

PeaceHealth has been named a Blue Distinction Center for Maternity Care by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. This means we’ve met rigorous standards for providing high-quality, cost-efficient maternity care.

Treatments Provided

Childbirth tours and education

We’ll help you prepare for birth and learn what to expect during your hospital stay and your first few weeks at home. We offer:

  • Birth center tours – You’ll see where you need to check in and where you’ll have your baby. Tours are given in groups or one-on-one.
  • Childbirth classes – You and your partner can learn about labor and delivery, breastfeeding and newborn care. 
  • Support groups – You can share experiences with other pregnant moms or new moms. 
Labor and delivery care

On the big day, we’ll help you and your baby have a meaningful birth experience, including:

  • Low-intervention birth – You may prefer limited medical intervention and natural pain-management methods. If you do, we offer wireless fetal monitoring, hydrotherapy, delayed umbilical cord clamping and skin-to-skin transition.
  • Water births – You can labor and deliver in a specially designed, warm tub.
  • Pain management options – You may choose from medicines and natural methods. Our anesthesiologists can provide epidurals or spinal blocks. 
  • Private rooms – You’ll have a place to labor with your partner present.
  • Specialty and emergency care – Our on-site team includes OB hospitalists, surgeons and neonatologists (newborn specialists) who are ready if you need them.
  • Neonatal intensive care – You can take comfort knowing we have an on-site NICU to care for premature newborns and any newborns who need medical attention.
Postpartum care

Your care team will give you and your baby plenty of time to bond, while making sure you’re both healthy and ready to go home. We offer:

  • Couplet care – You and your baby stay together in the same room. This lets you maintain skin-to-skin contact and can help make breastfeeding more successful.
  • Breastfeeding support – You have support from our certified lactation consultants. Breastfeeding is a learned skill for mom and baby. We'll help you with positioning and latching, and answer your questions.
  • Safe environment – You and your baby are safe with us. Our maternity unit is locked and monitored. Babies wear an electronic security tag, plus wrist or ankle bands that match their mother’s wristbands.
  • Nursery care – You can rest if you need to. Your baby can nap or stay overnight in our nursery, under the watchful eye of our mother-baby nurses.
  • Postpartum depression – We provide postpartum depression screenings and support groups, and can coordinate referrals for treatment.
Prenatal services

Find the care and support you need to stay healthy during pregnancy and give your baby the best start in life. We offer:

  • Birth planning – You and your doctor can discuss options and make decisions ahead of time. Your PeaceHealth care team will honor your wishes as much as possible. 
  • Centering Pregnancy program –Small group visits with other pregnant women are available for you to join. This program helps you create a support network and learn from other women who are due around the same time as you.
  • High-risk pregnancy care – You may need extra monitoring or care if you are expecting multiple babies or have certain health problems.
  • Prenatal visits – Your OB/Gyn checks to make sure you and your baby are healthy. They will check your weight and blood pressure, measure your growing belly, check the baby’s position and listen to your baby’s heart.
  • Fetal diagnostic services – You’ll need certain tests, such as prenatal ultrasounds, to check how your baby is growing. We can also screen for birth defects or genetic conditions.

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