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Webinar: Black Mental Health Matters

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Faces of five people in an online discussion event

Watch the inspiring conversation with Dr. Allison Briscoe-Smith, Rep. Janelle Bynum and Joél Leon.

In recognition of Black History Month — and to begin creating a healthier future — PeaceHealth hosted an event titled “Black Mental Health Matters.”

Watch the recording of two PeaceHealth leaders, April Allen and Denise Gideon, in conversation with three guest speakers on raising awareness of the importance of mental health in the Black community:

  • Dr. Allison Briscoe-Smith -- clinician, consultant and professor
    "Let’s allow a mosaic of our lived experiences and not get trapped by singular stories about what Black men are supposed to be like nor stories about strong Black women. It doesn’t give us enough space for our diverse experiences of joy, pain, and grief.”
  • Rep. Janelle Bynum -- legislator, business owner and education champion
    “We talk about Black excellence but we don’t talk about joy. Black joy is that permission to experience things that are good and not feel guilty about it and not try to hide it.”
  • Joél Leon -- award-winning performer, author and storyteller
    "Our job, as a community, is to be able to hold space for all of our collective experiences. That way, we get to sit with what is both joyful and difficult."

The goal is to provide education and resources to foster more conversation around this topic and advocate for more accessible support within the Black community.