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Q&A: Healthy food choices

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A woman and younger girl hold cut-out sweet bell peppers over their eyes and laugh

How can I help my kids make healthier food choices?

When it comes to choosing healthy foods, whether you are a child or an adult, practice makes perfect.

If you’ve spent much of your life snacking on junk food and ordering pizza for dinner, it may feel difficult to make the healthy changes you’d like. The key is to start slowly and keep practicing healthy behaviors.

Rather than eliminating all snack foods at once, try incorporating organic fruit and vegetable snacks into your diet each day. Over time, you can tip the balance, adding more healthy foods and fewer processed foods.

To shift away from sugary carbonated drinks, try replacing one soda a day with organic fruit juice. You’ll still be getting a lot of sugar, but you will be slowly eliminating the chemicals found in soda.

Once you’ve made the switch from soda, you can start trading juice for unsweetened tea or water with lemon, both healthier choices.

By making just one small change a day and building on that success, you’ll empower your children to make healthy choices without feeling deprived. They will have the power in their hands to live a healthy life.

This healthy living tip is courtesy of Harpreet Nagra, MD