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Q&A: Aging parents

Aging Well | Wellness | August 10, 2017
I'm struggling to care for my kids and my aging parents. Help!

Being part of the sandwich generation—adults who are caught in between caring for both their young children and their elderly parents—can feel overwhelming to anyone. Swapping roles can stir up emotions in all family members.

The best way to plan for this transition is for everyone involved—parents and adult siblings—to communicate clearly about goals, responsibilities, and expectations.

Each person’s needs vary as they age. Some parents need help managing finances and social outings. Others will need help with health issues and daily care.

Look for resources in your community that can help provide the support you and your parents need. Services vary from place to place, but generally range from part-time help to assisted living to respite care for caregivers. Talk to your parent’s primary care provider to identify how best to meet his or her medical needs.

Finally, be sure to care for yourself. You can only give your best to others when you are cared for as well.

This healthy living tip is courtesy of Angie Lee, MD​.

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