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Practice 5-2-1-0 all year: Ideas for December

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Three young people play a board game at the kitchen table

Game nights. Holiday dancing. Fancy tea. Colorful fruit. Your family can use any or all of these to build healthy habits.

Pediatricians at PeaceHealth encourage families to build healthy habits using 5-2-1-0.  

With every season, you can find small fun ways to put these tips into practice.

Here are a few ideas to try in December:

To eat 5 veggies and fruits per day  –  reach for vitamin c fruits.

Vitamin c is especially important during cold and flu season. Research has found that taking vitamin c can shorten your cold and even make it milder.

Oranges, cranberries and pomegranates are just a few popular wintertime fruits loaded with this nutrient.

Add these beautiful jewel tones to your plate for a pop of color and to support your family’s good health.

To limit screen time under two hours  –  schedule game night.

After dinner, it’s easy to drift to the couch for a movie.

Put on your calendar a night or two to play board games instead — especially if your kids are on winter break. If you have houseguests, the more the merrier.

Decide ahead of time how to keep things fun for everyone, if things get a little competitive.

To get one hour of daily movement  –  create dance moves for your favorite holiday song.

Does your family have a favorite holiday song? Create some dance steps to go with it.

Is there a dance scene in your family’s must-watch movie? Get everyone up off the couch and follow along…to the best of your ability.

Do your kids really love a seasonal book or story? Consider having them act it out in mime fashion. Whatever gets them (and you) moving is the idea.

Who knows. Your new dance routine could become an annual family tradition — one that’s special and all your own.

To encourage zero-sugar drinks  –  take a tea break.

Holiday teas are popular around this time of year.

Plan to take a 20-minute break with your kiddos to sip a cup of tea.

Try this recipe for a crock pot of seasonal tea. Or just brew what you have on hand.

Tea is a tasty no-sugar option when plain water seems a little boring. You can even dress it up with a cinnamon stick, an orange wedge or a sprig of peppermint. Ah!