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Infographic: Wellness and Giving

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Infographic: Information about how "giving" elevates your health and well-being

Did you know that giving elevates your health and well-being?

Here are six ways that giving to others can make a difference in your health:

  1. In studies, people were asked to give to others or spend on themselves. The group that gave to others was measurably happier.
  2. You might notice a boost in your moods and feel less stressed when you give.
  3. Studies show that givers are happier than nongivers by 43 percent.
  4. Giving time and resources has been shown to lower the risk of dying over a five-year period (compared to those who don't give).
  5. People in both rich and poor countries report greater life satisfaction when they give to charity.
  6. When we give, we get a dose of oxytocin, a feel-good hormone, that helps us feel connected and empathetic to others.