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Fitness for the family

Adult and kid playing basketball.

Exercise tips for kids and adults.

Warmer weather naturally makes a lot of us more likely to get moving. Use this as an opportunity to make small modifications to your daily activities that can turn into long-term changes.

“Exercise has a plethora of health benefits, there is research that shows physical activity can reduce the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes in the long term,” noted Matthew Kaiser, MD, a family medicine provider at PeaceHealth in Springfield, Oregon. Dr. Kaiser also shared that exercise can make you feel good right now by reducing anxiety, depression and improving cognitive function.

It’s recommended that people of all ages – both kids and adults – get at least 30-60 minutes of exercise each day.

Start by making a date with yourself. Plan out your exercises for the week on Sunday so you’re making a commitment to yourself. Also consider ways to sneak in fitness throughout the day.

Here are some fun ideas for exercise as the weather gets warmer:

  • Instead of driving to lunch or the coffee shop, put on your sneakers and try walking to your destination. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy the fresh air.
  • Take meetings outside. If you’re telecommuting - plug in your earphones and take a few laps around the neighborhood to get some extra steps.
  • Put on some tunes and have a five-minute dance break. You can also open up the windows to let fresh air in or take the dancing outside.
  • Find a local tai chi class or a virtual option. Tai chi is easier for people who don’t want to get down on the floor, which is necessary for some exercises like yoga. The gentle movements of tai chi can work wonders for people of all ages.
  • Take it to the water. Kayaking or stand-up paddleboarding not only challenge your core but also allow you to take a break to enjoy the surroundings.

Weekly “chores” can be great exercise too. Mowing or raking the lawn or washing your car are two ways to mark something off your to-do list and get some moderate exercise.

Make exercising a family affair.

  • Grab a basketball and walk to court at a local park or nearby school and play a game of H-O-R-S-E.
  • Dig your bikes out of storage and go on a family bike ride. No bikes? A family nature walk is also great exercise.
  • Embrace your inner child and run through a sprinkler with the kids.

If you struggle with physical health, or if you have a heart condition that prevents you from being able to exercise regularly, PeaceHealth is here to help. Our primary care physicians can make sure you are active in a way that works for you. And our cardiology teams are standing by to help you manage your heart health.