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21 quotes for #MindfulMoments2019

January 10, 2019
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PeaceHealth caregivers share thoughts on meditation

In January 2019 we asked our caregivers throughout Alaska, Oregon and Washington to share their thoughts on meditation. Whether it’s how they focus their thoughts, keep their patients calm or how they meditate during a crazy day. Based on the thinking that it takes 21 days to form a habit – we’ve selected 21 caregiver quotes to help us all be mindful as we enter a new year.

  1. “When I can, these are ways I try to relax during my work day: one stretch with three deep breaths when I go to the copier or printer, screen-free lunch break with coworkers and smell & savor each ½ size bite at lunch. At home, I identify what I am grateful for toward the end of the day to help promote a good night’s sleep.”  - Jendy N., Dietitian & Diabetes Educator
  1. “In my experience of meditating over 30 years I find that following were very helpful. 1. Meditate regularly at the same time 2. Meditate in the same place 3. Minimize interruptions 4. Meditate in comfortable posture 5. Read Spiritually inspiring books 6. Go to Meditation class 7. Meditate with group regular.” -Suman B., Fitness Instructor, Tai Chi and Yoga Therapist
  1. “I encourage folks to approach the practice of meditation much like a workout regimen. You cannot build muscle or lose weight simply by working out once per week. Over time, and through consistent and regular practice you build the “meditation muscle” that will help bring you peace and wellbeing.” – David R., TSP Director of Applications
  1. “When things rev up, I anchor down. I practice "Two Breaths, Two Feet"- breathing in deeply, I feel my body expand upward. Breathing out slowly, I feel my weight settle and bring attention to my two feet on the ground.” – Lisa T., Chaplain

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  1. “When it gets crazy, look how you fit into the scenario. Go accordingly.” – David L., Emergency Department RN
  1. “In the chaotic moment I close my eyes, slowly taking air in as far as my lungs will allow. Pausing at the bottom of my breath I mentally say, "I recalculate, reset and refresh" allowing my exhale to release the tension... Repeating if necessary.” -Jessica F. Surgical Tech
  1. “Engage and focus on the situation rather than detach from it. Detaching causes the internal chaos.” – Jimmy S., RN ICU
  1. “Daily a.m. lap swimming helps me breath deep, put everything into perspective and gives me a sense of well-being. It also reminds me how lucky I am to be able to get out of bed and move!” -Kellie B. HR Partner
  1. “Finding my center or maintaining calmness in a chaotic moment comes from finding my breath. Once I focus on my breath I can slow my thinking down to allow me to remain calm while continuing to be in the situation and perform the necessary tasks to accomplish the job.” -Sherry C. Laboratory Informaticist
  1. “When things get crazy, I take a deep breath and give myself a pep talk. I repeat a mantra, "This too shall pass." Everything in life is temporary and like all things, no matter how dark the night, the sun will rise, eventually. Just hang in there.” -Poornima J. Senior Communications Specialist
  1. “Practicing Meditation has been a challenging endeavor. However, by spending less time and mental energy reliving the past moment or problem solving the next one I am better able to stay attentive to whatever and whoever is in front of me at that moment.” -Juanita D. Physician
  1. “When my alarm goes I off I hit the snooze button and instead of falling back asleep, I sit up and start my day with a meditation. When the alarm goes off again it pulls me back from meditation. A wake-up meditation sets up my day/night (I work night shift) for success!” – Allison Z., RN
    mindful quote meme #2
  1. “At least twice a day for minimum 30 minutes, as I am going to sleep, I suppose there are no more seconds to come, no past, no future, I let go of my creative mind, imagination and present moment. I simply give myself permission to BE.” – Lisa D. Chaplain
  1. “Meditation started as a quest for “the happy place” but for me it’s now “the quiet space” where I am learning to notice without judgment and keep breathing.” – Tim D., Crisis Worker
  1. “I regularly evaluate whether things are within my control or out of my control. After realizing what is up to me in any given situation, I focus on doing that to the best of my ability and with kindness towards others.” – Dani. F, Lab Supervisor, Florence, Oregon
  1. “Regulate and calm with oxygen by breathing in three seconds. Sit up straight, feet flat on the floor, eyes closed, and then inhale slowly through nose for three seconds, hold for three seconds, exhale for three seconds. Build up to one minute. Oxygen does a body good.” – Kressa B., Clinic Manager
  1. “Stop. Pay attention to your breathing. Breathe in, breathe out, be mindful of each breath. Feel your heart beating, be present with each moment.” – Brett H., RN Case Manager
  1. “Sing It Out. I find a song from an era a patient can relate to and sing with them.” – ShawnMarie N., Patient Team Support - Neurology
  1. “To not know. To not know and allow light. To not know and exert love. To not know and exert peace over power. To tend a garden. We do not stretch the vine. It grows. We do not unfold the blossom. It opens. To tend the Divine. Do we seek an “end” or do we witness a “beginning?” – Frank S., RN
  1. “Having trouble maintaining your meditative focus due to outside noise? Try this little tip: If the noise is car traffic, focus on the sound then follow it in your mind until it disappears. The farther away the sound travels, the more relaxed you become. This is mindfulness.” – Colleen S., Supervisor Hospice Outreach/Bereavement Counselor
    mindful quote meme #3
  1. “I ground myself every day. Using ancient Chinese knowledge. You say your name, birthdate and “I was born free.” Then while extending your arms out and around, say "and these are my boundaries. Body show me a yes." This uses our body’s innate knowledge of gravity directions to vertically align.” – Amy H., Patient Access Rep.


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